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autism spectrum disorder

Welcome to the Insight Blog!  We are ABA Insight, an autism center with locations in Ann Arbor, Lansing, and Monroe.  The purpose of this blog is to empower camaraderie around Autism and equip families with tools to inspire success!  Topics will be driven by you guys and responses will come directly from our BCBAs.  Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to discuss; that’s why we’re here!  This is a great way to access our BCBAs’ wealth of knowledge. 

Who are our BCBAs? They are dedicated group of behavior health specialists with diverse backgrounds who provide ABA therapy.  Our team is made up of people from Psychology, Special Education, Social Work & Speech Language Pathology.  This allows us to provide the highest quality services for the whole child.  Our mission is to equip, empower and inspire success – through collaboration with families, schools, doctors, SLP, OT and other treatment disciplines – to assure those goals are meaningful and streamlined for the most progress. ABA Insight team photo

We get it.  With the incidence of newly diagnosed autism cases steadily on the rise for decades, an increasing number of parents and caregivers are overwhelmed with this confusing, stressful, and emotional journey. We know how challenging it is for parents to navigate a new autism diagnosis – from understanding what autism is and what to expect, to deciphering commercial insurance or the Community Mental Health (CMH) systems, to finding the right ABA provider and integrating autism into their existing family systems.   

What we do:  At the heart of our therapeutic approach is the development of functional communication and replacement of problematic behaviors using Applied Behavior Analysis and Speech Therapy.  We practice diverse approaches to family-centered care and recognize caregivers as an integral part of the treatment team.  ABA is a scientific discipline that studies the relationship between a person’s environment and their behavior.  ABA therapy is nationally recognized as the most widely accepted, evidence-based therapy for ASD. 

Our goals:  By normalizing autism in the communities we serve, we hope to equip, empower, and inspire success for all, especially those directly impacted by ASD.  We also hope to be a resource for our communities.  Here are some of our favorite resources: the Autism Alliance of Michigan and Autism Speaks 

autismContact Us.  Interested in services?  Visit our website to submit a service inquiry form here.  Let us know what topics you would like to learn more about: office@abainsight.net  

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