September 2021

#6 Echolalia

Echolalia is the repetition of others’ words, including family members, teachers, or something someone hears on TV, through music, or other means.  It is an adaptive response when a person struggles with saying their own thoughts through speech.  Recent research shows that echolalia is often a means of communication.  Language Development Most kids use echolalia as a natural way to learn language …

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#5 Potty-Training

Potty training is a daunting task for any parent.  How do you know when it is time to potty train your autistic child?  More importantly, how do you do it successfully?  Toileting Readiness Checklist Start toileting once your child is demonstrating at least 5-6 of these readiness signs.  Find a 2-3 month period where no big changes or …

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